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What Makes InBrace® Smartwires®, Well, Smart?

By July 27, 2023November 1st, 2023No Comments

Smartphones, smart doorbells, smart TVs, and, now, a smart braces wire? Yup, InBrace Smartwires are a huge leap forward in orthodontic technology. And while I’ve talked about how InBrace works, you might be wondering what exactly makes the Smartwires smart. 

Of course, as with any orthodontic treatment, Smartwires are a tool. You can’t buy them online, pop them in your mouth, and wake up with a great smile. Their design and effectiveness is dependent on the treatment plan created by your orthodontist. 

That said, in the hands of an experienced doctor, the system offers an invisible and highly efficient way to straighten your teeth. In this post, I’ll be covering the idea behind Smartwires and how they help me achieve outstanding results for my El Dorado Hills InBrace patients. 

What are InBrace Smartwires?

The InBrace Smartwire is a customized wire that straightens your teeth from the tongue side, meaning it’s completely hidden from view. Unlike a conventional braces wire, it has a loop design. This lets you floss normally without having to use a floss threader to get underneath it. 

What Makes Something Smart?

“Smart” is a term that’s usually used when talking about electronic devices. For a device to be considered smart, it generally has to connect to other devices or networks and have the ability to do its job autonomously in response to information from the environment. 

For example, a smart doorbell turns on a camera when it senses movement and has the ability to send the information to other devices like a cellphone. 

What Makes InBrace Smartwires Smart?

InBrace treatment begins with digital scans of your teeth that are used to create a 3D model of your mouth. I then map out your exact tooth movements on the model and send the digital treatment plan to the InBrace lab. 

Now, here’s where the smart first comes into play. Using advanced computer modeling and artificial intelligence (AI), the Smartwires are programmed with my treatment plan, as well as with Gentleforce® technology. Instead of going through the usual staging and sequencing process, the wires exert light, continuous forces in all three dimensions that start moving your teeth from day one. 

The wires are made of a shape-memory alloy, which means they “remember” their original shape. Similar to a smart device, this helps them do their job autonomously in response to information from the environment (in this case, the heat from your mouth).  

Smartwires are also tempature sensitive and heat activated, so when exposed to heat, the wires try to straighten out, and, as they do, they shift your teeth into place. Instead of frequent visits to your orthodontist for tightening, the wires are pretty much a set-it-and-forget-it solution. 

What are the Benefits of Smartwires?

  • Time Savings

InBrace Smartwires straighten teeth like autopilot once they’re programmed with my treatment plan. They don’t require monthly adjustments, so you’ll have fewer office visits throughout the course of treatment. The appointments you do have are mostly progress checks, so they’re quick and easy. 

Because of the precision treatment planning and smart features, teeth also take a more direct path to their ideal places. For some patients, this can mean a shorter treatment when compared to traditional braces or Invisalign®. 

  • Can’t Be Seen 

The Smartwire goes behind your teeth. It can’t be seen at all when you smile. While clear braces and clear aligners are less noticeable than metal braces, they’re still visible up close. InBrace is the only truly invisible treatment option. 

  • More Comfortable Treatment 

When activated, conventional braces wires exert more force upfront and then the force gradually lessens over time. After about a month or so, you have to go back to the orthodontist to have your wires activated, or tightened, again and the process starts over. This can be pretty uncomfortable.

Smartwires, on the other hand, use light, continuous forces, so there is no need to tighten them. This isn’t just safer for your teeth, it’s also a lot more comfortable, and you’re not left with soreness after appointments. 

  • Super Convenient

Another benefit of InBrace Smartwires is convenience. As I mentioned above, the design of the wire lets you floss normally without using a floss threader or special orthodontic flosser. 

And InBrace is bonded to your teeth, so you don’t need to take anything in and out of your mouth to eat or drink, there are no aligner changes, and you can’t lose your appliance. The Smartwire really makes things hands-off for patients. 

  • Amazing Results

If you’ve seen InBrace before and after photos, then you know just how effective the treatment can be. The InBrace Smartwire is a powerful way to address cases from mild to complex, including crowding, spacing, overbites, underbites, and open bites. 

Looking for a Smarter Way to Improve Your Smile?

At Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics, my team and I leverage expertise, technology, and advanced treatment options like InBrace to create healthy, beautiful smiles more comfortably and conveniently.To find out if El Dorado Hills InBrace treatment is right for you or your teen, book a complimentary consultation with us today!

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