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Comfortable, Clear, Custom: All About Spark™ Aligners

Whether keeping our skills sharp with continuing education or being the first in the Sacramento area to offer innovative InBrace® treatment, my team and I pride ourselves on staying on the leading edge of the field. That’s why Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics is thrilled to offer Spark™ Clear Aligners from Ormco™.

I recently celebrated my 100th Spark Aligners case and I’ve been impressed with the outcomes and level of customization.

What are Spark Orthodontic Aligners?

The Spark Clear Aligner system features custom, 3D-printed aligners that fit over the teeth in each arch. Ormco, which has been a leader in the orthodontic specialty for 60 years, fabricates the aligners out of ultra-clear, medical-grade plastic based on your orthodontist’s fully custom treatment plan.

You wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, only taking them out to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth, and wear a mouthguard while playing sports. As you change to a new set of aligners each week, your smile gradually takes shape.

How Does Treatment Work?

Here are the steps in the Spark Aligner treatment process:

Step 1 – Come in for a Consultation
Every stunning JKO smile starts with a complimentary consultation. A team member will take digital x-rays, photos and a scan of your teeth, and I’ll perform an oral exam. I’ll chat with you about your concerns, goals, and lifestyle and go over your diagnosis in detail.

I’ll explain my treatment recommendations, which may include Spark Clear Aligners, and answer any questions you have. Our treatment coordinator will wrap up the visit by discussing your insurance, the Spark Aligners cost, and our flexible financing plans.

Step 2 – Get a Digital Scan and Treatment Plan
If you decide to move forward, we’ll use your scans to create a virtual, 3D model of your mouth.

I’ll plan your treatment on the model using Spark’s cutting-edge software. I’ll move each individual tooth into its ideal place in relation to your other teeth, gums, jaws, lips, and cheeks.

Spark’s treatment planning software also lets me get a comprehensive view of your bite and add fully customizable features like attachments, bite ramps and hooks. This makes even complex cases predictable to treat.

Step 3 – Pick Up Your Custom Spark Aligners
The lab will print a series of aligners according to my individualized treatment plan. When they’re ready, you’ll come in to get your aligners. We’ll fill you in on your wear schedule and everything you need to know about caring for your new appliance.

Step 4 – Wear Your Aligners
You’ll wear your Spark Aligners for 22 hours per day. The aligners exert steady, gentle pressure to shift your teeth into place. As noted before, you’ll want to remove your aligners before meals and snacks, to drink anything aside from cool water, to brush and floss your teeth, and prior to putting in your mouthguard if you play sports (you can wear a mouthguard over your aligner if you have an orthodontic mouthguard).

Each set of aligners is designed to achieve specific tooth movements. Once those movements successfully happen (you’ll know because there shouldn’t be any space between your teeth and the plastic), typically after one week of wear, it’s time to move on to your next set of Spark Aligners.

Step 5 – Visit for Routine Checkups
Approximately every ten weeks, you’ll come in for a check-up. While these visits are quick and easy, they’re important because I’m able to ensure your teeth are responding to treatment the way we thought they would, and it allows us to take any notes about changes we may want to make in the next series of aligners.

Step 6 – Show Off Your Fantastic New Smile
When your Spark Clear Aligner treatment is finished, you’ll have a stunning new smile to show for it. After my team and I celebrate the momentous occasion with you, we’ll get to work creating a custom retainer. Wearing a retainer holds your teeth in their new positions, preventing them from shifting back to their old places.

Spark Aligners vs. Invisalign®: What’s the Difference?

There wasn’t an Invisalign alternative for quite a few years. However, now, there are several other clear aligner brands on the market, including Spark Clear Aligners.

As far as Spark Aligners vs. Invisalign, both systems involve a series of doctor-designed, custom clear aligners. Some of the key differences are in the materials and the treatment planning capabilities, as well as the fact that only orthodontic specialists can offer Spark Aligners. With Invisalign, on the other hand, dentists can provide treatment after taking a few weekend courses.

I still offer Invsialign and Invisalign Teen at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics. Adding Spark Aligners to the mix is a way to expand the options for our patients. When you come in for a consultation, my team and I will help you decide on the best choice for your case.

What are the Benefits of Spark Clear Aligners?

Spark Clear Aligners are made from patented materials, TruGEN™ and TruGENXR™. This makes the aligners clearer and more stain-resistant than any other aligners, so they’re even less noticeable when you’re wearing them.

Spark Aligners are extremely thin and feature scalloped, polished edges for maximum comfort. The design may result in less irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth.

The thing I love the most about Spark Aligners is that they allow for true customization. While some might think of aligners as just pieces of plastic, it’s more than that. Aligners are really a customized force delivery system that has been shaped by your orthodontist’s experience with moving teeth and the lab’s innovation.

Whether you need a touchup after past orthodontic treatment or you have a complex case, I can create a Spark Aligner treatment plan to meet your needs.

Spark Aligners were developed and piloted with the input of orthodontists from around the world. Because of this, the treatment planning software has features that make straightening teeth safe, predictable and flexible.

In the hands of an experienced orthodontist, Spark Aligners deliver excellent results and work well for patients of all ages. They can be used to treat crowding, spacing, overjet teeth, overbites, underbites, open bites and crossbites.

How Much Do Spark Aligners Cost?

Your Spark Aligners cost will depend on the complexity of your case. In an effort to make treatment affordable, we accept most insurance plans and offer interest-free financing options. We can also work with your HSA or FSA.

Connect with an El Dorado Hills Spark Aligners Provider

Want to see if Spark Clear Aligners are the best treatment option for your smile? Book a complimentary consultation at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics today!

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