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At Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics, we’re proud to be the only El Dorado Hills InBrace ® provider. In fact, we’re the first of only two providers in the greater Sacramento area! Why InBrace invisible braces? Well, many of our patients love the idea of under-the-radar orthodontic treatment but find Invisalign isn’t convenient for them (i.e., taking the aligners out to eat and drink, wearing them for 22 hours per day, keeping track of them, etc.). InBrace fills this need. The hidden braces can’t be seen when you smile and once they’re in place, you can pretty much let the Smartwires™ do its work. To learn more about these behind-the-teeth braces, read on or schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Jeff today!

What are InBrace Invisible braces?

InBrace braces were developed at the University of Southern California in a collaboration between the orthodontic and engineering teams. The braces are placed behind the teeth on the tongue-side and involve low profile brackets and customized Smartwires™. The wires exert light, continuous forces to move the teeth directly to their doctor-planned final positions right from the start of treatment. The braces have a locking loop design that holds the wire in place without sliding or friction. This makes forces lighter and more efficient. Plus, you can even floss as you normally do between the loops. No more floss threaders!

Unlike traditional lingual braces, these invisible braces only require a few elastics and the design is more streamlined. Additionally, Dr. Jeff uses in-depth digital treatment planning to map out the bracket placement and design your customized Smartwires™. Because InBrace is our most customized option with the least participation, treatment time with InBrace isn’t as long as traditional braces, making them much more realistic for people with busy schedules.

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The Advantages of
InBrace Invisible Braces

  • These behind-the-teeth braces are hidden from view when you smile, making them the most esthetic option for straightening your teeth.
  • InBrace invisible braces are bonded in place, so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of how many hours you wear them or taking them in and out to eat and drink.
  • The custom, InBrace Smartwires™ are programmed by Dr. Jeff with your end results in mind and begin shifting your teeth towards their final places from the first day of treatment unlike traditional braces, which require staging and sequencing. This could mean reduced treatment time and better results.
  • Digital treatment planning before you receive your InBrace ensures precision, efficiency, and outstanding outcomes.
  • InBrace has been designed with oral hygiene in mind. It lets you floss between the teeth as usual and the brackets are lower profile for easier brushing.
  • InBrace invisible braces are friction-free with looping wires, that make for a more gentle braces-wearing experience.

Am I a Candidate for InBrace Invisible Braces?

Many patients are excellent candidates for behind-the-teeth braces. As an experienced InBrace provider, Dr. Jeff will evaluate your bite at your complimentary consultation and let you know if InBrace treatment is the best option for your smile.

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Dr. Kwong is the nicest orthodontist you'll ever meet! Not only is he kind and understanding, but he also took the time to explain all the different steps of my Invisalign treatment. As an adult getting braces for the first time, I was apprehensive about looking like I was a teenager again,but throughout the entire process Dr. Kwong was helpful and understanding of my concerns.

Joe Won Song

Mitchell just got his braces taken off and his teeth are perfect! We have had excellent care from Dr. Johnson, Dr. Kwong and all the staff. They are always helpful and cheerful. They have always made our family feel welcome. I always recommend Dr J and Dr K to all our friends!

Susan Aiello Alhady

My experience at Dr. Kwongs Orthodontics was amazing. They were so helpful and encouraging and I am so glad to have had the oppurtunity to get braces here. I am very happy with my experience!

Isabela Avila

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