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Can Teens Get InBrace®?

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Braces for Teen

Does InBrace treatment work for teenagers? Absolutely! The behind-the-teeth straightening solution is invisible, but because it’s bonded to the teeth, it doesn’t involve keeping track of aligners or following a wear schedule. This means teens can achieve outstanding results in a way that’s as hands-off as it gets (read as autopilot).

As the leading InBrace provider in the greater Sacramento area, my team and I have successfully treated both adults and teenagers with cases ranging from mild to complex using the revolutionary orthodontic appliance. In this post, I’ll be covering the basics of InBrace for teens from how it works to its benefits, so you feel more informed about your teenager’s options. 

What is InBrace?

InBrace is an orthodontic treatment that involves brackets and a customized Smartwire® that are placed behind the teeth, on the tongue side. 

Does that mean InBrace is the same as lingual braces? Nope! InBrace is NOT lingual braces. It’s a new type of appliance, designed by orthodontists, that combines technology with tooth movement concepts for efficient, comfortable treatment.

Since InBrace goes on the back of teeth, it can’t be seen at all when your teen smiles. The truly invisible braces are bonded to the enamel, meaning they stay in place throughout your teenager’s entire treatment. Their end results, therefore, aren’t dependent on compliance like they are with removable clear aligners. And you won’t need to ask Johnny or Susie every few hours if they’re wearing their aligners.

How Does InBrace Work?

First, a team member at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics uses an intraoral scanner to take quick, comfortable scans of your teen’s teeth. As InBrace says, we’re capturing their unique Toothprintâ„¢. 

The scans create a computerized, 3D model of your teenager’s mouth. I design their new smile directly on the 3D rendering. I make sure the outcome will complement their facial features and determine the shortest path for each tooth to take to its destination. I can even show your teen a virtual InBrace before and after to give them a preview of their future results. 

InBrace then creates personalized Smartwires according to my treatment plan. When they’re ready, your teen will swing by the office for their fitting. We start with the bottom InBrace first, followed by the uppers shortly. Because of the Smartwire’s locking loop design, it doesn’t require elastics on every tooth to hold it in place and it rarely needs extras, such as power chains. 

Instead, the Smartwires work like autopilot. Using computer modeling and artificial intelligence (AI), they’re pre-programmed with your teen’s end tooth movements. As the wires exert gentle force, your teen’s teeth will move towards their final positions from day one. The WOW starts now®! 

The Benefits of InBrace vs. Conventional Braces for Teens

At Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics, I offer several different types of braces for teens, including traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces. While both metal and clear braces are great options for patients of all ages, there are several key benefits of InBrace over traditional braces:

  • Invisible – Not every teenager loves the idea of having brackets and wires bonded to the front of their teeth. InBrace is hidden behind the teeth, so no one can see the braces at all unless they’re peering inside of your teenager’s mouth.
  • Easy, breezy oral hygiene – Does your teen struggle to maintain A+ oral hygiene? Well, removing plaque is easier with InBrace compared to conventional braces. This is because regular dental floss fits right in between the loops of the InBrace Smartwires, so kids can floss as they normally do while in treatment. No floss threaders or special flossers required!

Although white spots or stains after braces from leaving germs is still possible, the tooth structure on the backside of the teeth is more resistant to white spots. Plus, if they do develop, they’ll be hidden. 

  • Personalized and efficient – Traditional braces aren’t custom-made for each patient’s teeth and the wires are bent manually. For this reason, staging and sequencing take longer, because different wires are required for different parts of treatment.

InBrace Smartwires are custom-made for your teenager’s unique dental anatomy using AI. They start moving your teen’s teeth into their final positions from the first day. By getting rid of some common inefficiencies involved in traditional braces treatment, InBrace treatment can be a little shorter in some cases. 

  • Comfortable – While there’s a break-in period for every type of appliance we choose, today’s braces are a lot smaller and more streamlined than they used to be. That said, when brackets and wires are in the front of the mouth, they can irritate the lips and cheeks. Teens can also cut their mouth on the hardware if they get hit in the face, such as when playing sports

InBrace’s second generation brackets were designed prioritizing comfort.  They’re smoother, making them less likely to cause irritation once your teen gets acclimated. If your teen sustains a mouth injury, their lips won’t come into contact with their braces. 

The Smartwires are also self-adjusting and cause less friction. They’re programmed with Gentleforce® technology to exert more biologically appropriate forces in the right areas. All of this boils down to improved comfort. 

  • Saves time – As I noted above, treatment could be shorter overall since the final tooth movements are pre-programmed into the Smartwires from the start. Additionally, the wires don’t require regular tightenings, and I don’t need to use elastics on every tooth, so teens can go a bit longer in between check-ups and the visits they do have are faster. 

Benefits of InBrace vs. Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen and InBrace are both customized based on digital treatment planning. How does InBrace stack up to the system of clear aligners? 

  • Less visible than aligners – Yes, Invisalign Teen aligners are a whole lot more discreet than conventional braces. That said, many patients need tooth-colored attachments with their Invisalign Teen, which are placed on the front of the teeth. Both the attachments and the aligners can be seen close up. InBrace is THE most aesthetic treatment option. 
  • Convenient – In order for Invisalign Teen treatment to be successful, your teenager has to wear their aligners for about 22 hours per day and remember to change to a new tray every week or so. They also have to take their saliva-filled aligners out before eating and put them back in afterwards, which makes some teens feel self-conscious.
  • InBrace is a set-in-and-forget-it treatment. Once I put your teenager’s Smartwires in, their teeth will straighten according to my treatment plan on their own. Your teen won’t have to do anything special or think about their wear schedule. While they might still need help remembering to wear their elastics, they’ll get great results while they continue living their best life.
  • Can’t get lost – Most of my El Dorado Hills Invisalign Teen patients are great about keeping track of their aligners. But, let’s face it, today’s teenagers have a lot on their plates with school, activities, homework, etc. and clear aligners blend in with their surroundings, so they’re easy to lose. If you’re worried your teen will misplace their aligners, InBrace could be the better solution. The fixed appliance stays on the back of their teeth from start to finish. 
  • Efficient – The unique design of the Smartwires makes staging and sequencing more fluid and helps shift your teen’s teeth into place more directly, potentially shortening treatment time and getting better results. For certain bite issues, InBrace is more effective than aligners at working on stubborn rotated teeth and closing spaces.

What Orthodontic Problems Can InBrace Treat in Teenagers?

InBrace works for a variety of orthodontic concerns in teens, including:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Overjet teeth 
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite

If you’ve read InBrace reviews, you’ve probably heard just how effective the treatment is. Well, InBrace uses feedback from orthodontists and patients to propel innovation. Now, we’re starting the second generation of InBrace, which is able to treat an even wider range of bites! 

How Much Does InBrace Cost for Teenagers?

The InBrace cost varies depending on the severity of your teenager’s case and their individual treatment plan. InBrace is a premium product and the most customized treatment option, so it’s priced slightly higher than braces and Invisalign, but not by very much, since it’s efficient for the provider and the patient. 

At Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics, we accept most insurances. And, whether you have insurance that covers orthodontic treatment or not, we offer flexible financing options. You’ll be able to break the cost of your teen’s InBrace treatment up into monthly payments that suit your budget. 

Find Out if Your Teen is a Candidate for InBrace in El Dorado Hills

To determine which orthodontic treatment option will give your teenager the best results, schedule a complimentary consultation at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics in El Dorado Hills, CA. 

After performing an exam and assessing your child’s case, I’ll discuss whether InBrace is right for them. I’ll also walk you through the different treatment options, so you can make the best decision for your family. 

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