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What Do Your Braces Colors Say About You

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No matter how much you like or dislike having braces, there’s one thing most braces-wearers at our El Dorado Hills orthodontist office can agree on: choosing a color for your braces elastics is not just fun and exciting, it’s important. Believe me when I tell you that I’ve seen some patients studying our color wheel more intensely than a math problem. Your braces colors are a way to express yourself and show your creative side, whether you’re matching your braces to your favorite sweater, an upcoming holiday or your favorite sports team.

Fortunately, you get to choose a new color (or colors!) for your braces every time you get them tightened at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics. And as it turns out, there’s a science to color and you may be drawn to certain colors over others because of your unique personality traits. For example, red is typically associated with intensity and passion, while blue is commonly linked to calmness and tranquility. Regardless of the colors you choose, there may be a little more to your choices than you thought.

Want to know what your braces colors say about you? Read on to learn more about the psychology of color and how to pick the best colors for your braces.


Red is the color of fire, heat and passion. If you choose red for your braces, it might mean you’re full of intensity and you’re forward-thinking. Red is also an emotionally charged color, so red-wearers are usually loving, caring people. Even if red isn’t your favorite color, it can be a great choice for certain holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.


Orange is one of the most unique colors out there. People who choose orange elastics for their braces are usually wild, daring and highly creative. If you love orange, you might excel at the arts! Orange is also a great color for braces around Halloween.


Everyone knows that yellow is a happy, bright color that’s typically associated with happiness and joy. But did you know that yellow is also linked to intellect and energy? People with yellow elastics on their braces are smart and have a sunny disposition. Yellow is also an attention-getter so if you’re looking to turn heads, yellow is your color!


Green is the color of nature and the earth, so it’s no surprise that people who choose green for their braces are in tune with our natural world. Green is also the color of stability and growth. Be careful, though: when you have green elastics, it may look like you have food stuck in between your teeth. So you may want to choose a lighter green or combine your green elastics with another complementary color.


Blue is the calm, healing color. It indicates health and tranquility, but is also associated with knowledge and seriousness. People who have blue braces are calm, cool and collected, always maintaining a level head. They’re the opposite of those wild and crazy orange elastic people!


Traditionally, purple is the color of royalty. It mixes the intensity of red with the calmness of blue to get a truly unique hue that combines the best of both colors. Purple is associated with wisdom, creativity and mystery, making it a common choice for people in the arts. Purple is also a very romantic color.


In North American cultures, white is associated with innocence and cleanliness. It is also considered to be the color of perfection, so people who choose white elastics are often perfectionists. But that doesn’t mean white is the best choice for your braces colors. White elastics will be a more pure white than even the whitest teeth and can easily become discolored from eating certain foods. If you’re sure you want white elastics for your braces, be sure to brush after every time you eat.


Black is often seen as a “bad” or negative color since it is commonly associated with death and evil. But black is also the color of elegance and formality. People who wear black often appear regal and mysterious. However, black elastics can make your teeth look rotten from a distance, so it might be best to save black for when you change your braces colors at Halloween!



Who said you have to choose just one color for your braces? This is how we take your color game to the next level. There are countless combinations of colors out there that will help you express your truest personality. You can alternate colors or choose the colors of your favorite team. You could even match your braces to your school colors, or your fave outfit or earrings, like one of our patients who rocked turquoise and white elastics to go with the awesome shark earrings her mom made! Here are a few fun color combos to try out for Summer 2019:

The Toy Story 4:
I picked this color combo out for the adventurous, “to infinity and beyond” kind of patient.  Try the Buzz Lightyear, with alternating white and purple elastics on the top and white and green on the bottom. This combination brings together the creativity of purple and the energy of green to make you feel as strong and brave as everybody’s favorite space ranger. What if you prefer the Toy Story family’s newest member, Forky? The Forky is a combination of aqua, white and red (frankly, it reminds me of aquafresh for you Gen X folks out there). This mix of warm, loving red with the innocence of white is the perfect way to show your support for the team’s latest character.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home:  For those of you who know me well, this is what I would be rockin’. Channel Marvel’s funniest, goofiest, dorkiest superhero by alternating blue, red and gold to match his Stark Advanced tech suit. Then of course, don’t forget an Italian souvenir by throwing in a red, white and green flag somewhere in the mix. As your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man fights it out to protect the world, your Far From Home-inspired braces colors will make you feel like you’re along for the ride.

The JoJo Siwa Rainbow Bow: Feeling bright and bubbly this summer? Need something to match your JoJo Siwa bow? Go JoJo Siwa-style with rainbow colors across the top and bottom of your braces. By combining all the colors of the rainbow, you’ll be able to show off your fun, creative side.

The Women’s World Cup: Soccer fans unite! Show your pride for our women’s team as they play their hearts out for the World Cup. How amazing are Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe?  Show your red, white and blue across the top and bottom of your braces and get ready to cheer on the USA team players. #GoRapinoe #CaptainMorgan!

The Lion King:  Where are my Disney and Beyonce fans at? Can you feel the love tonight as you’re picturing Simba being held up in the air? I’m not sure yet if this is destined to be one of the movies of the summer, but the original holds a special place in the heart of this big kid. So, the Simba color combo is yellow, white and brown alternating. Okay, I’m just kidding around. This is a terrible color combination because it will look like your teeth and braces are dirty. I threw this one in to see if you were paying attention! It’s BBQ season, so be careful of things like yellow mustard because they might take your colors and accidentally turn them into the Simba combo.


As you can see, there are countless colors and combinations you can pick for your braces. Whatever colors you choose, you’ll be showing off who you are and you’ll be able to confidently put your best smile forward.  Remember to Live.Smile.Give.Repeat.

Dr. Jeff

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