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Can I Get Braces Just on my Top or Bottom Teeth?

Can I Get Braces Just on My Top or Bottom Teeth?

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Patients at our El Dorado Hills orthodontic practice frequently ask about getting braces for the top teeth only either because their bottom teeth are straight or they feel like they’re not that visible so they don’t see the point. Less commonly, someone will visit us who is interested in braces on the bottom teeth only. While single arch treatment can be effective, there are a lot of factors that have to line up for this to be the case, which is why we take the time to evaluate your needs and concerns at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics.

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Win Tickets to a Sacramento Kings Game!

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 Sacramento Kings Game Giveaway!

We love giving back to our community, and our patients. That’s why we’re hosting an exciting Sacramento Kings Game Giveaway right at JK Orthodontics!

Do you want to win tickets to a Sacramento Kings Game? Come into JK Orthodontics during March and shoot some hoops for your chance to win! The winner will be chosen based on who can make the most baskets within 30 seconds.

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The Best Winter Activities for Kids in El Dorado Hills and Sacramento

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As an Orthodontist in El Dorado Hills, Dr. Jeff gets the scoop from his patients about all the cool stuff to do. While our winters are pretty mild compared to some other areas of the country, we know even the California kiddos can get a little stir crazy when its rainy or chilly out. Being the helpful and fun practice we are, JK Orthodontics has decided to use some of our inside information to share our favorite Sacramento and El Dorado Hills activities for kids (some are even free!). Read More


How to Get Your Kids to Brush Better

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JK Orthodontics knows how hard it can be to get kids to engage in healthy habits. Hey, Dr. Jeff isn’t just an El Dorado Hills orthodontist; he’s a father of two young boys, so knows what it’s like to wrestle and brush teeth at the same time.  While we can’t help you force your little ones to eat their green veggies, we do have some knowledge when it comes to encouraging kids and teens to brush their teeth the right way. Using the proper technique, and brushing for a full two minutes at least twice a day, is super important especially if you’re child is undergoing orthodontic treatment. You definitely don’t want to invest in straightening their teeth and then have the results diminished by cavities, stains, gum disease or, in severe cases, tooth loss. Well, Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics is here to the rescue with 10 ideas for teaching your kids to brush their teeth better: Read More