Forsus Appliance

Forsus Appliance

The Forsus spring is an automatic, hygienic, comfortable appliance for overbite correction. One of its main features is that it continuously applies light force without any need to make daily changes or adjustments. You’ll see that it’s made of two parts on each side (for a total of four parts): 1) an open-coil spring on the upper, and 2) a rod on the lower. It’s easy to brush the spring clean and because it is positioned in the back of the mouth, it is not very visible to others. Compared to other appliances, patients will be able to open their mouths wider.

The length of time that the Forsus appliance is worn varies depending on the level of correction needed for each case, but it will likely be worn for 6-9 months. It is a very durable appliance, but it’s not indestructible. Please avoid eating hard foods that will break the springs or the rods because they are $80 each to replace.

Common Challenges:

Cheek Irritation

The first few days can be tough because the springs sit close to the cheeks. You can use salt water rinses or a hydrogen peroxide rinse like Peroxyl to help calm the soft tissues of your mouth. Also, stay hydrated; the more dry your mouth is, the more it will rub. Finally, make sure to keep the springs themselves clean. This will prevent plaque and food debris from sitting against the cheeks.

Spring and Rod Comes Apart

If your FORSUS spring comes apart from the rod, it can easily be put back together at home. The rod and spring connect like male/female connectors. If you are unable to connect the two pieces, let the rod rest against your cheek, and use a braces elastic (or hair elastic) to wrap around the spring and attach the spring to the hooks on your upper braces. This will keep the spring out of the way. Please reach out to us if this happens!

Broken Wire

Please call us to schedule an appointment immediately because continuous pressure with broken wires can cause teeth to move in unexpected ways.

Broken Brace/Band

Sometimes, a broken brace or band can be hard to see, but you might notice it sliding along the wire, see a tooth moving in an unexpected way, or feel less pressure from the Forsus spring. If a brace or band comes off your tooth, please give the office a call so that it can be secured.


As we overcorrect the overbite, the bite may change into an underbite temporarily. Don’t worry; when treatment is finished, you’ll have a healthy, aligned bite.