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Braces-Friendly Food in El Dorado Hills & Sacramento

Braces-Friendly Food in El Dorado Hills & Sacramento

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Once we get our El Dorado Hills braces patients outfitted with their new hardware, the staff at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics makes sure to give them a rundown of the foods they should avoid but, even more importantly, all of the foods they can still enjoy. Our Invisalign patients don’t really need to worry because there are zero food restrictions thanks to the removable aligners. However, just because you opted for metal, ceramic, gold or lingusal braces, doesn’t mean you’ll have to hole up in your house and skip all of the good times at your favorite restaurants. If you’re at a bit of a loss for what and where to eat, here’s our handy guide to what foods are safe to eat with braces and our top picks for braces-friendly food in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills and Folsom.

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The Best Summer Activities for Kids in El Dorado Hills

15 Affordable and FREE (that’s right!) Summer Activities for Kids in El Dorado Hills

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Summer’s nearly here and soon school will be out. While it’s always an exciting time for the young patients at our orthodontic practice, we know the boredom can kick in pretty quickly. After the popularity of our winter activities for kids in El Dorado Hills post, we’ve decided to keep it going with a warm weather version. Bonus: Everything on this list is affordable or free! So, parents, if you’re racking your brain for ways to keep the children, tweens and teens occupied for the next few months without breaking the bank, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics guide to what to do with kids in the El Dorado Hills area this summer:
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Win Tickets to a Sacramento Kings Game!

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 Sacramento Kings Game Giveaway!

We love giving back to our community, and our patients. That’s why we’re hosting an exciting Sacramento Kings Game Giveaway right at JK Orthodontics!

Do you want to win tickets to a Sacramento Kings Game? Come into JK Orthodontics during March and shoot some hoops for your chance to win! The winner will be chosen based on who can make the most baskets within 30 seconds.

Book in for your appointment at JK Orthodontics today!


The Best Winter Activities for Kids in El Dorado Hills and Sacramento

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As an Orthodontist in El Dorado Hills, Dr. Jeff gets the scoop from his patients about all the cool stuff to do. While our winters are pretty mild compared to some other areas of the country, we know even the California kiddos can get a little stir crazy when its rainy or chilly out. Being the helpful and fun practice we are, JK Orthodontics has decided to use some of our inside information to share our favorite Sacramento and El Dorado Hills activities for kids (some are even free!). Read More