Cleaning Instructions

You may use hydrogen peroxide or cleaning tablets, such as Retainer Brite. Many toothpastes contain abrasives (for whitening) that may scratch your trays or aligners. If you choose to soak them in a cleaner, make sure the water has cooled down before dropping your appliances in! When your trays or retainers are not in your face, they should be in your case! Keep your case away from pets. They like to chew them up. Do not wear plastic trays when eating or drinking anything other than water. They will stain and become dingy.

3D’s w/ Lower 3-3

The lower teeth are typically the fastest to shift and crowd when the braces come off. By placing a lower bonded retainer, we are using a belt and suspenders type of approach. Yes, the plastic retainer will cover these teeth, but this way we can ensure that the two methods will not allow any movement of the teeth. If the bonded retainer should come off or become loose, please let us know as soon as possible. Keep the metal piece and bring it with you, along with your plastic retainer, to your visit.